The Future of 4g Technologies

Topics: WiMAX, 3GPP Long Term Evolution, GSM Pages: 42 (10356 words) Published: November 22, 2010

The Future of 4G Technologies
New opportunities and changing business models for the emergence of LTE and WiMAX

By Emma Seka

Emma Seka
Emma Seka is an associate member of the Market Research Society and is based in Edinburgh, UK. She runs a private research consultancy, MackSense, and has an MBA from IAE de Paris-Université Panthéon Sorbonne, France. She has a proven track record of delivering insightful and actionable market research services in the areas of mobile telephony, VoIP software and solutions, enterprise IT, and healthcare.

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Table of Contents
The Future of 4G Technologies

Executive summary
Competitive landscape LTE and WiMAX Technology deployments Leading player strategies The future of 4G technologies

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Chapter 1


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Who is this report for and what is it about? Definitions Evolved Packet Core (EPC) (ex. System Architecture Evolution – SAE) E-reader GSM IMT-Advanced (4G) LTE LTE Advanced Mobile broadband Mobile Internet Mobile Internet device (MID) Mobile WiMAX Notebook Netbook Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Portable media player (PMP) Portable navigation device (PND) Radio access network (RAN) Radio interface technology (RIT) Smartphone Set of radio interface technologies (SRIT) Tablet PC Ultra mobile PC (UMPC) Wi-Fi WiMAX


WiMAX 2 (WiMAX Release 2)


Chapter 2
Summary Introduction

Competitive landscape

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Impact of legacy technologies Impact of 2G technologies 2G technologies have limited data capacity 2G will remain the dominant technology until 2012 Impact of 3G and pre-4G technologies 3G technologies cannot cope with major changes in mobile services usage Long Term Evolution (LTE) provides a temporary solution Support for LTE translates into support for LTE Advanced Mobile WiMAX offers an acceptable interim solution Support for Mobile WiMAX translates into support for WiMAX 2 Legacy technologies will dictate the roadmap to 4G Key trends and drivers Mobile Internet fuels demand for faster service delivery Mobile broadband substitution compounds network congestion Increased mobile Internet usage also impacts devices and applications Data traffic is skyrocketing Current technologies are under mounting pressure Industry support and regulatory factors will influence the adoption of 4G Strong commitment from vendors to LTE will speed up 4G adoption The LTE ecosystem is developing The EU supports next generation networks and LTE WiMAX also benefits from its own support group The ITU IMT-Advanced standard and 4G technology candidates 3GPP and 3GPP2 standards UMB LTE Release 10 and beyond (LTE-Advanced) IEEE standards IEEE 802.16m (WiMAX 2 / WiMAX release 2) The countdown to 4G has started but deployment may be delayed The ICT landscape changes as competition intensifies

Chapter 3


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Introduction Note on technology definitions


Industry and regulatory bodies rally around 4G LTE Release 10 and beyond (LTE Advanced) supporters 3rd...
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