The Future Generation Will Pay the Consequences for Our Actions Now. Discuss.

Topics: Present, Time, Nuclear weapon Pages: 4 (1339 words) Published: April 14, 2013
What people are doing now may not have a very significant impact on their lives right now, but it will have a very significant impact on the future generations. As such, I do believe that our future generations will pay the consequences of what we are doing now. For example, in a desperate bid to boost the economy and improve the condition of one’s country, key issues such as pollution and wastage of resources surface without any good, long term solution for them. These leads on to global warming, which could make the world less suitable for our future generations to live in.

Countries such as China and India are rising powers in the world with their immense population and human resource. However, these developing countries match their rise in power in the global arena with the amount of pollution that they contribute. Economic boom is often used to gauge a country’s development, and with a booming economy comes support for the government as it shows that the government can prevent people from going hungry, preventing uprisings that might threaten the government’s legitimacy. And how is economic boom related to pollution? The answer is simple – industries are the crux of the economic boom, and with more industries aiming to maximize output and profits comes more pollution. For example, the coal industry in China is an extremely profitable albeit dangerous one as China relies on coal to power all of her industries. However, burning coal is extremely harmful to our health as it releases poisonous gases into the air. The poisonous gases could cause health problems and lead on to global warming, and it could affect the future generation as the current generation is constantly living in a country with such bad air quality and when they give birth to the future generation, it could lead to health complications and result in deformed babies. Also, the poisonous gases contribute to global warming too and it affects the entire world. Although we are slowly experiencing...
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