The Fury of the Approaching Storm

Topics: Sun, Water, Sky Pages: 2 (493 words) Published: June 1, 2012
The clouds huddle together ominously, their dark curves mocking the landscape. The horizon is threatening and angry, the clouds roll in with the roaring thunder brewing destruction. A flock of birds disperse rapidly as a bolt of lightning illuminates the gloomy sky. The once golden land is now a black haze.

The violent wind hurtles towards me, tearing through the building that once protected me. Anything standing in its way is wrecked. The wind charges through the leaves of the swaying trees, forcing the leaves light bodies to collide with the solid ground, fracturing their transparent skin. The whipping winds wrench the very roots of the long-standing trees, dragging them to their frail knees. The invisible body of the wind over powers and deafens me with its shrieking ferocity. The dust spirals around me, choking me with its dryness.

The songs of the wind chimes have evolved to horrific screams for help. The birds of the sky have no say in their direction, the wind is now the commander of their route. The scared faces of the creatures fade deep among the undulating forests leaving nothing behind but the howling wind.

The ear splitting booming of the thunder sends bitter shivers down my spine. Its angry laugh echoes around me as the ground shudders below my bare feet. Thunder creates an energy that nothing else can. One is powerless and helpless against its immense growl. The savage beauty of lightning is frightening leaving one breathless as it elucidates every arch of the vast blanket above. When a perilous lightning bolt strikes, the sky is split in two. For a moment the darkness is gone as the flickering light generates a new kind of beauty.

I stare as the light rain begins to fall. It falls silently and almost discreetly as it taps the dusty earth. Each drop gets heavier as the ground below begins to drench. The rain falls faster now, the relentless cascade of water from the purplish bruised sky brings a picture of sorrow. The sky cries as...
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