The Funerary Monument of Flavius Agricola

Topics: Color, Color theory, Human skin color Pages: 4 (1793 words) Published: December 3, 2012
This piece called the Funerary monument of Flavius Agricola was a large marble piece that is categorized as a piece of ancient art. This was depicted as a man being served at a party on a diner lid. This was a piece made out of white marble with scratchy black and brown lines that went in a vertical direction. Those black and brown lines also give it a visual texture of movement and realism. Since the man is lying in a half seat perspective you see the horizontal lines of his leg and his body. This is countered with the vertical lines of the man’s robe which I feel gives the piece it main detail. He has one knee bent upward where the rope become wrinkly and the other leg that is flat and cross under his upward leg. On his bottom leg you can tell the robe was stretch out because his knee and most of his thigh there are no wrinkles. He has a simple torso and a simple face that is detail but not highly detailed. The lid he is sitting on is fairly big but it is not overwhellming big where it takes away from the actual purpose of the piece. The man I not life size but it is a big sculpture that has equal scale to the background piece. The first thing that I was attracted to was the size of it I like big giant art and this was one of the bigger pieces in the ancient art sections. The other thing that attracted I was how he was described I felt this was a man that was just relaxing and enjoying life. I felt he had no worries in the world just him and whatever he had in his bowl. It was as if he was almost going to take a nap because he was at peace with himself.

The next piece is a contemporary piece of art that you could not take your eyes of when you walked into the room. This was a piece that I felt had that wow factor to it which intrigued me to look more in depth in to it. This I feel is an optical allusion that use lighting, lines, and color to make the object look like it are floating in air. There is a dim round line that blend into the wall and its shadow...
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