The Fundamental Role of Organizational Communication

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The Fundamental Role of Communication in any Organization
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Every individual expresses its thoughts and carries out its affairs through the medium of communication. Communication is one of the organizational functions that helps a company to stay efficient and productive. Implementing policies to strengthen inter-departmental communication help to underscore its importance and maintain an efficient flow of information. Organizational communication refers to the forms and channels of communication among members of organizations such as corporations, nonprofits or small businesses. Studies have found a strong relationship between the levels of communication in an organization and job performance and satisfaction. What’s fundamental?

- a basic or essential part of any thing
something with great importance that is an essential or necessary part of a system or object What’s Organizational Communication
Organizational Communication, broadly speaking is people working together to achieve individual or collective goals Miller, 2002

Forms of Communication
Face-to-Face: The personal connection that occurs when two or more people are able to interact real-time is significant. •Email: Email is fast, efficient and allows for a record of the interaction. •Telephone: Nothing beats the more personal connection that can be achieved over the phone--even with colleagues hundreds, or thousands, of miles away. •Meetings: Offers the power of interpersonal connections and provides an opportunity for employees to listen and learn from each other. Role of Communication inside an Organization

In the book “Organizational Communication: Challenges of Change, Diversity, and Continuity,” William Neher identifies the five primary functions of business communication as leading, rationalizing, problem-solving, conflict management and compliance gaining. 1. Leading

The function of leading is important to enable management to issue instructions in a clear, specific...
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