The Functions of Memory

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  • Published : September 7, 2011
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Chapter 7 speaks of memory, the function of short term/long term memory, and the way we encode/retrieve information. “Memory is the mental capacity to encode, store and retrieve information.” (Gerrig 196) In this chapter I found that within working memory there are four components within working memory, a phonological loop, a visual spatial sketchpad, the central executive and the episodic buffer. Before I continue to explain each component, I’d like to first explain what working memory is. “Working memory is a memory source that is used to accomplish tasks such as reasoning and language comprehension; consists of the 4 components.” (Gerrig 203) Phonological loop controls speech-based information within the short-term memory, for example when rehearsing your credit account number by ‘listening’ to it in your head, you are using the phonological loop. A visualspatial sketchpad is basically drawing a mental picture in your head, for example, if someone asks you how many bedrooms you have in your house you would create a mental picture of your house as if you were inside. The central executive controls the attention and organizes the information from the first two components. The very last component of working memory is the episodic buffer. This last component lets you recover information from your long-term memory and combine it with current information within a given situation, the central executive controls this buffer. In Chapter 8 we discuss cognitive processes, language, visual cognition, problem solving and decision-making. “The cognitive process is one of the higher mental processes, such as perception, memory, language, problem solving, and abstract thinking.” (Gerrig 233) I’d like to discuss language behaviors in animals. Sue Savage-Rumbaugh conducted research on bonobos, a species of ape that is similar to a chimpanzee and closely related to humans. Kanzi and Mulika are two chimps that were studied during this research. With no training,...
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