The Functions of Management

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The Functions of Management

The success of an organization’s performance consists of applying four functions in management which include: planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Management Functions
This paper will discuss four management functions: planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. All of these functions are what every conscientious manager does whether he or she knows it and have the same importance in creating excellent results. The purpose of this topic is to discuss the importance of these four functions and how they can improve one’s management skills and the role each function has in management. Building Teams

In today’s work environment, building teams and working as a team has become vital in every aspect of organization from sports to business. In the business world, it takes managers and employees to run a corporation, but it takes a team to plan, organize, lead and control. The role of a business manager has changed dramatically over the past ten years. The change stems from the realization that old military-style management techniques and styles are no longer effective in the workplace. These businesses have learned to empower employees and establish teams to solve problems plan and make management decisions. Managers of today and tomorrow will need effective team-building skills in order to strive and maintain their success. This management style begins with a team and establishing the attitude that every employee does a little and no individual does too much. Thus, working in teams brings benefits to both team members and organization.  According to Kallman (2005), managers get paid to make some very difficult decisions, like hiring, firing, starting and finishing projects. Making decisions under uncertainty is a very critical skill, that can learned by risk managers explains (Kallman, 2005). One of the most important management functions is setting goals for employees (Kallman, 2005)....
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