The Function of the Inspector in Inspector Calls

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  • Published : April 29, 2013
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Inspector Goole is the main character in An Inspector Calls' by J.B Priestley who has many functions. Primarily, he is introduced to the play to interrogate the Birling Family and Gerald Croft, but Priestley also uses him to move the plot forward and as a form for the writer to voice his opinion which is seen in the inspectors final rant on page 56, also he encourages the characters and audience to learn from their mistakes and to create moments of tension and mystery. The Inspector makes the characters confess their actions and reveal what he seems to already know for example, at the end of Act One, when Gerald is discussing to Shelia about the time he spent with Daisy Renton last summer. He already knows that Gerald has something to reveal and that it is just a matter of time, the family do start to realise this near the end of the play, well Shelia does anyone as she says “He's giving us the rope so that we'll hang ourselves.” Another example of this is also at the end of act 2 with Mrs Birling, she states “that whoever got the girl pregnant should be punished severely” and she says this without even contemplating that it could be Eric or anyone she would know. This then links to another role of the inspector: to make the characters reveal their true selves to the family and to the audience. Even though there are hints to Eric’s drinking throughout the play such as him being the only that is “squiffy” right at the start and in act 2 Gerald admits “that he does drink pretty hard." It isn’t till the inspector question and forces Eric to confess what his role is that we find out the hidden side of Eric that the family doesn’t know about The Inspector creates moments of tension in the play, mainly at the end of Acts One and Two where something happens and the audience is waiting for someone to confess their relation to the death. The Three Acts are continuous; the act changes are all just in the right place for creating a cliff-hanger which is all revolved around...
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