The Function of Society

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  • Published : March 9, 2013
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Society provides the shared avenue for community for living together with certain interest … among them their mode of town dwelling and land occupation may differ. Weber acknowledged that deriving value from these relationships, actions and gaining insight into their meaning make meaningful cultures. He conveyed that humans are constructed as “cultural beings” having their own distinctive approach towards the world. The time created a momentum in her life, when her first birthday was approaching her. The early unexpected death of her elder brother gave a great blow to her family. Her family attributed the death of their beloved son to bad evils and ghost. However, this was not the case with her mother; she blamed Halima all her life, cursed her and smacked her for being the cause of death of her brother. The callous and belittling behavior of her mother… Though being the recipient of paternal care, love and support, she was disregarded by mother and her step brother. The reason for turning a blind eye to her was their perception of considering her insane and should have died instead of his brother. Moreover, her timid nature and innocent behavior, that ended up in foolish acts was accounted for regarding her as insane. However, we cannot regard her behaviour as innate, as according to meads cultural conditioning plays an important role in determining the personality of a person in context to given society. There was asymmetry seen in their hierarchy/tree of relationships, according to parson such deviations may exempt individuals from performing their roles and responsibilities as was the case with Halima. So from a functionalist point of view, this instability interferes with the function of society as a whole when each individual interdependent element is unable to contribute its part. Consequently it may affect the structures such as solidarity (cohesion) of the society. This is a macro level approach focusing on social structures framing the society. The prevailing social structures that model and regulate the behavior of that society were their rules, traditions, practices, beliefs, norms and attitudes affecting their institutions and actions. These embedded unseen structures are based on upbringing and situations; that ascertain dispositions called ‘habitus’. Based on practical needs, habitus explains the way people behave and think in their role and relations. Similarly, Parson illuminates on roles and relationships of social actors with social systems. Women are always considered as the vulnerable group who become the victim of being deprived of both education and respect in society, domestic violence, and an object of shame. They are expected only to work at home or help her mother if she works somewhere as a servant. Lack of education i.e. illiteracy does not allow problems to work towards a solution rather becomes a barrier in overcoming them. As, Halima grew up she was expected to earn for her family but her lack of wisdom and imprudence made her unfit for labor work in her society. This further fueled the hatred of her mother. Consequently she lacked the maternal love and care all her life. She was gain the victim of inequities and inequalities..

In order to survive in competitive field, repetitive and coordinated actions are required as practice with constant struggle to achieve the goal proposed by Bourdieu (like education… In her father’s efforts to fight against poverty, the man was also immersed by the worries of his daughter. The father was worried about the mental and social status of her daughter in the society and more about the stigma that would lag her behind from the marriage institution. Marginalized in term of Restrictions of access to:

Labour Market
Marriage Partners
Diminished access to resource and land, dimished acess to land (movement from rights to ownership discourse) Spacial Segregation
The notion of hereditary occupations and menial groups (unskilled groups)...
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