The Function of Organizing

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The Function of Organizing

By | October 2008
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Organizing is very important for an organization. There are different ways of organizing a company. A good idea for companies is to have an organization chart. An organization will show the structure of the organization who is in charge of which department and how the department’s organization work from within. We will see how the human resources department, the assets, finance and technology department are organized and their functions within the organization. Large organizations are structured by department. One important department is the human resource department. The human resource department is responsible for staffing the organization’s need. The staffing process involved different stages. An organization can staff the organization through recruitment. ”Recruitment is the development of a pool of applicants for jobs in an organization.” (Bateman, Snell). An organization can perform an internal recruiting. Internal recruiting is moving or promoting employees within the organization. It is an opportunity for the employees to be promoted and also to look at the employees skills. The skills inventory can allow the recruiter to give the employees a better opportunity in another department. A downside of internal recruiting is if an employee is lacking of skills. An organization can perform an external recruiting. External recruiting consists of recruiting applicants through news paper ad, job fair, internet job search site. It is sometimes difficult to hire people from outside when we do not know them. Although most organizations are required now to perform background check, reference check, drug test. However it still does not guarantee that the candidate will be good for the organization. In another hand a candidate from outside the company can bring new ideas to the company but it can takes them longer to get accustomed to the organization mission statement if the candidate is not familiar with the environment. The organization of physical assets can be...

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