The Function and Role of Law in Society and Businesses

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The Function and Role of Law in Society and Businesses

Legal matters in business and society as a whole has changed greatly over the past couple of decades; and not necessarily for the better. Between attorneys wanting to make a buck at any cost, and business owners losing their diplomacy skills in exchange for resenting and milking others who they think have wronged them, the need for legal services has exploded in the United States (U.S.). At the dawn of the 21st century, law is as important in society and business as is marketing, advertising and experienced employees.

Function and role of law in business and society.
Originally, the function of law in business and society was a plus. America developed, arguably, the best legal system in the world. This system was based off of righting wrongs. For criminal law, rehabilitation for juveniles, and punishment and reparation for adults is/was the main goal. In civil law, putting the plaintiff in the same position had the plaintiff not been wronged is/was the goal.

Modernly, much has been adulterated. First, regarding the motives of attorney's, modernly, things have changed. A marvelous and historic thing happened when women's rights, and rights for minorities were addressed and corrected. But then, something changed. Technology has advanced more in the past 40 years than in the entire recorded history of man kind. This advancement has enabled those countries that are more advanced and who enjoy the freedoms of a representative democracy, to be freed up from having to struggle day by day to survive. The result of this blessing, unfortunately, for the less integrity-filled persons, is that many less-savory individuals have scouted about to find ways to get more money at all costs. Hence, we have ambulance chasers and attorneys who have actually been hired on in house for various business to handle all of their probable law suits that will occur during the course of every day business...
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