The Fun They Had vs a Beautiful Mind

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  • Published : January 24, 2013
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The topic that I chose to do my comparison essay is how the article “The Fun They Had” and the movie “The Beautiful mind” view school. What is school? School is an institution where students are educated and gain knowledge to succeed in future. Both the article and the movie view school negatively. As years go by and students continue to go on to higher grades, they tend to lose their individuality and their ability to be creative and imaginative. School effects by dulling the minds of the students and making them follow a specific rubric instead of letting them take risks and come up with something unique. But who creates these rubrics? The education system. Students have no choice but to follow the rubric and if they don’t, they get a low mark. Students also get low mark because sometimes they are made to take courses that do appeal or excite them. They only take these courses because in the system it will achieve a great future. But is it the student’s fault if they for not trying? Students sometimes do not do their homework or other assignments given by the teachers because they automatically assume it to be hard because they don’t understand anything in class. Instead of making such assumptions, students should try their very best, if not seek a teacher for help. The first subtopic is how school affects the life of a student. Nowaday’s student’s life can be affected by different by media, society and all sorts of things but school will be the last thing on our minds. As times passes, students go into higher grades, thus becoming harder and more stressful. It gets harder because school gives the student no options but to follow a specific rule or rubric or an outline for either writing an essay or being a math class because you need a credit for it. These rubrics that they have to follow, reduces their creativity skills because they got to follow the rubrics if not they lose marks. As John Nash says, “Classes will dull your mind, destroy the potential for...
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