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  • Published : November 8, 2010
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In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

First and for most I would like to thank my family, especially my parent help me in all my 3 years of studies in Majan College. Secondly, I would like to express my thanks to my best friend. I would also like to acknowledge the library staff, for their valuable help and support.

Huge thanks to Miss. Kavya, my project supervisor, for her time, effort and help in completing this report. I would also like thank her for the guidance throughout the project duration.

Last but no least, thanks to all my BSc colleagues and teachers for making this year a memorable year.


The FTP server is used to exchange and manipulate file over TCP/ IP based network, such as the Internet. Today, it’s becoming very easy and useful in sharing whether users are close or far away. Thus the purpose of this project is to create flexible atmosphere of exchanging files within Majan College. College it does not has effective facilities to share files or folder between staff, therefore, this project will provide effective methods to exchange data among users or staffs within college.

This project will solve the file transferring issue in Majan College. The student uses it to keep in touch with the teachers. For example, the students will be able to send their assignment to the teachers for feedback instead of going to the teacher’s office.


1- Introduction

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) provides a way to transfer files from one computer to another over any TCP/IP network, such as LAN or the Internet. The purpose of FTP is to make it easy to upload and downloads computer files without having to deal directly with the operating system. FTP also allows authorized remote users to change file names and delete files. In generally, majority of people use FTP are often sharing large files stored on a file server in conjunction with a project.

1-1 Problem Definitions:

For instance, one student of Majan College is sending files as e-mail attachments to his collage. Sometimes users need to send files via emails but they could not send it regarding to the size of these files. It might be huge size and the email attachment not able to send it. Also those files sometimes contain viruses, so it’s really require to check the files whether it clean or has contains viruses. the all attachment email it might takes longer time with different procedure, but with ftp it doesn’t require many procedure it will be easy for users to use it to send and receive files as well as it will be free for all users. All students have assignments to submit or to hand out to teachers in order to get feedback. However, on the other hand, they face a lot of problems while attaching files to the internet. This is because of the slow network or other blocked websites. To add another point, full time students maybe have the time to consult their tutors and hand them the work, but part time students do not have the sufficient time to visit teachers. Furthermore, the size of the data could be problematic too. In other words, to upload big size data, the internet need to be fast enough, so if it was slow the data will take a lot of time uploading. In this case, staff of Majan College will spend too much time or waste their time in order to make small research , another sequences , in order to get information from file that are downloading , students will be disable to go fast with assignments . It may not submit it in on time. Also sending files with bad internet could result in receiving corrupted data. So student will complain about service of Majan College, it will affect on attitude of Majan College because of student will speak negative about technical service.

For example, Majan College has three departments, IT, Foundation, Business; Manager of IT faculty sent PDF file to Manager of business, so it difficult to save it first in flash memory then give him or her as well...
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