The Friendship Between Aziz and Fielding in a Passage to India

Topics: English people, India, Culture Pages: 2 (558 words) Published: January 2, 2013
The Friendship between Aziz and Fielding in a Passage to India

A passage to India, written by E.M. Foster, depicts a certain situation in an India city Chandrapore among British and Indian citizens at that time. Under this background, one remarkable element in this story should be friendship between each character, especially between Dr. Aziz, a educated Muslim India and Cyril Fielding, an English principle somehow.

At the very beginning part of the story, Aziz becomes more acceptable and optimistic to the possibility making friends with Englishmen where he firstly meets Mrs. Moore in the mosque. Aziz is surprised to the respect from Mrs. Moore to the god because she “ leaves the shoes in the entrance.” When it comes to the interaction between Aziz and Fielding, the first conversation they have is when Aziz waits for Mrs. Moore and Miss Quested coming to Fielding’s house to have a tea. A little misleading, Fielding’s words “ Please make yourself at home” strongly fused the hard ice inside Aziz’s mind that Indian cannot befriend with those British. And then, Aziz replies that “ May I really, Mr. Fielding? It’s so good of you. “ From his words, a strong sense of appreciation with a little surprise can be interpreted. This coincidence might be treated as a kind of ridiculous misconception based on the cultural difference between Muslim Indian and Anglo-Indian. Notwithstanding, this cultural gap just lays foundation for further contact between two people.

Afterwards, Fielding breaks the conventional barriers to visit ill Aziz in Aziz’s house, the fact influences Aziz so impressively that Aziz says that” No Englishman understands me except Mr. Fielding.” Without any prediction, Aziz shows the picture of his dead wife to Mr. Fielding, telling him “ I show her to you because I have nothing else to show.” It is obvious to see that how close and intimate Fielding is to Aziz, an English and an Indian. Before the short trip to Marabar Cave with Mrs. Moore...
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