The French Lieutenants Woman

Topics: The French Lieutenant's Woman, John Fowles, Fiction Pages: 3 (879 words) Published: March 3, 2013
The French lieutenants Woman by John Fowles is a novel that tells the story of a woman (Sarah) misjudged by her community and a well to do gentleman who has to choose between being with her and being with his fiancé. The author’s use of conflict in making Charles Smithson choose between passion and responsibility has an effect on the entire novel by providing the basic storyline for the novel, allowed an opportunity for character development with Sarah and Charles, and it also gave the author to do his multiple endings which had a very big effect on the readers final opinions of the book .This Conflict.

The basic story in the French Lieutenants woman tells the tale of A woman named Sarah Woodruff who throughout the town is seen as a whore who slept with a French Lieutenants out of wedlock and through the beginning parts of the book that’s all we know her as .The other Protagonist of the novel is Charles Smithson who falls for this woman unexpectedly and as a result has to deal with his feelings for her and how it effects his reputations as well as his responsibilities and other commitments. The novel is started by first seeing the life of Charles before Sarah and vice versa but after they meet the novel quickly turns to the development of their relationship which puts Charles in the major conflict of the story.

The Conflict of Charles having to pick between passion and responsibility helped to allow the development of both Charles and Sarah as characters and to help the reader develop feelings and emotions toward each of them. In the beginning of the novel Charles was seen as a young intellectual ready for his commitment to Ernestina, he could also be seen as someone who was someone dissatisfied with the same old thing in life and took pride in things such as new scientific ideas and being a part of minority in social understandings of the time. As the novel progressed and he started to take more interest in Sarah we see a more emotional side of him and also...
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