The “French Language Culture” in Canada

Topics: French language, French Canadian, Quebec Pages: 3 (932 words) Published: March 15, 2013
The “French language culture” in Canada

As I’m majoring in the French language, I want to talk about the “French language culture” in Canada in order to indicate the Canadian multiculturalism and the important role of the language. In this paper, I’ll mainly discuss three points: firstly a brief introduction of the basic situation of the French language in Canada; secondly the difference between Canadian French and common French; Finally the battle between the two official languages at present in Canada.

Part 1. The basic situation of the French language in Canada As we all know, Canada is a bilingual country, both English and French are official languages. According to the 2001 Canadian census, there are 59.1% of the residents whose mother tongue is English, we called them “anglophone”. Besides, there are still 22.9% of the residents whose mother tongue is French, and we called them francophone. The anglophones are relatively equally distributed around, in almost all the Canadian cities we could find a large number of people who regarde English as their mother tongue. However, on the contrary, the distribution of the francophones is very uneven: 85% of fancophones live in Quebec, and only 15% of francophones live outside Quebec. Therefore, in order to study the situation of the French language in Canada, I find it necessary to pay special attention to the City of Quebec. Quebec is called the “city of French”, 82% of the Quebecois regard the French as their mother tongue, while 94% of the Quebecois regard the French as their working language, and 94% of Quebecois state that they master very well the French.

Part 2. Differences between Canadian French and common French I’ve learned French for 4 years at university, but that is not to say that I could communicate with the local Quebecois without obstacles. The reason is that for us Chinese, what we’ve learned is usually the standard French, which is quite different from the Canadian...
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