The French Healthcare System: Higher Consumer Satisfaction

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  • Published : June 14, 2012
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The French Healthcare System


Health care is a major issue not only in United States but in many other countries. France's health care system was ranked no. 1 by World Health Organization in 2000. The French health care system has the best health care among 191 other countries (Rodwin, 2003). The system is not prefect but has higher consumer satisfaction. There are two basic agency on which the French health care system depends; social security and the finance. Eighty percent of people in France are covered with social security. The hospitals are generally divided into two main groups: The public and private hospitals. The public hospitals are responsible for providing ongoing care where as private hospitals are for profit. They are more known for surgical procedures.

Health Statistics and Costs: Comparison Between U.S. and France

The life expectancy at birth(LEB) for male in France is 74.6 where as in U.S it is 73.9 and life expectancy at birth for females in France is 82.2 and 79.4 in U.S. (Rodwin, 2003). Obesity is on rise in both U.S. and France. The United States total health spending as a percentage of GDP in 2005, was 15.3 and France on the other hand was 10.1 (Holtz, 2008).

Health Care Financing: Comparison Between U.S. and France

The French health care system is combination of public and private hospitals and ambulatory care and also has higher level of resources, staff than United States. The main fund, French Social Security fund, covers eight percent of the population. The financing of the fund is contributed from employer, employees and personal income taxes (Rodwin, 2003).The French health care system has undergone major changes and one the main change is expansion of coverage to all legal citizens, under law of universal coverage. Beside the Universal health coverage (UHC), citizens of France have supplement health insurance to cover costs that are not cover by UHC. The UHC...
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