The French and Indian War and It's Immediate Effects

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  • Published : October 7, 2008
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The French and Indian war began in the year of 1754. The war began when a group of Virginian Settlers went to claim land, given to them by the king, near the Ohio River. When they arrived, the French kicked them out and would not let them have the land. As tensions slowly rose, Major George Washington led a group of Virginians to where the French had staked their claim. After being politely yet sternly sent away, Washington and his troops decided to camp out while reinforcements arrived. This is not for free. Don't steal. After arming themselves and the reinforcements, Washington and his men attacked the fort. After killing ten men, capturing twenty-one, and letting one escape, the first battle of the French-Indian War had ended. War erupted between France and Great Britain in the new world, and in England. The French and Indian War brought many hardships upon the colonists, whom were caught in the middle of the whole fiasco: the war changed ownership of certain colonies in the new world; acts were put into effect to help pay off war debt, and influential people from the Revolutionary war got their reputation in war and government from this war.

One major effect of the French-Indian War was that some colonies in the new world changed in terms of ownership. Some of France’s colonies in present-day Canada were signed over to Great Britain after the war. Florida was also was signed away after Spain failed in their attempt to ruin the English. The English settled along the eastern seaboard in Georgia and the Carolinas. The French controlled Louisiana in the South and, to the far North, Acadia and Northeast Canada, where the Cherokee, Catawba, Creek, Choctaw and Chickasaw Indians lived. Don't steal this paper. The region in between the two powers and attempted to maintain their self-government by trading with both countries. The alternation of owners of colonies also affected the relationship between colonies.

Another, more unfortunate, result from the French and...
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