The Free Radio

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”The Free Radio”

The theme of the short story “The Free Radio” from the book “East, west” (1994) by Salman Rushdie is basically the meeting between the old Indian culture and the modern western culture, which exists more and more in today’s India. Although it is easy to tell that this is the name of the theme, it is not as simple to put down all the problems and smaller themes, which exists within this bigger headline. It is a theme containing many complex problems and that is shown in the short story. The short story gives us a look into these problems and in specialty how they are seen from the Eastern point of view. In the next few pages it will be tried to explain some of these problems, which the short story contains. The elder man is the 1st. person narrator of the story and that gives us a chance to understand his point of view clearer. The fact that he is the narrator affects the whole story. For example he does not tell the name of the thief’s widow and he keeps calling her such an unpleasant name. There is also his use of Indian words and expressions, which makes us aware of wherefrom we see the story. The Indian words and expression is a tool, used by Salman Rushdie, which takes us nearer the narrator. The narrator, who for most Western, normally would seem more foreign. This just, as said before, just gives us the story from his point of view. He is the symbol of the old Eastern point of view and the elder Indian generation. The fact that he almost sits the same place, observing, throughout the whole story is a way of telling that he is an element, which is not moving – he keeps his meaning and does not change. In the end of the story we are told that he believes that the young man’s dreams, which he saw as unrealistic, have come true. In spite of this he has still used the whole story on telling us how the young man was wrong. That again shows us that his way of seeing things is quite unmovable. The young man Ramani is his opposition. He is the...
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