The Four Goals of Communication Process

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What is Communication?
Mary and Bertha (2010) point out that “Communication is the transmission of information and meaning from one individual or group to another.” (Page 5) The term communication means that the sender has an idea and the sender encodes the message which will be decodes by the receiver. Here is the process of communication which had been point out from the book of Mary and Bertha (2010) Sender has an idea. – The sender has information to be told to, the idea may be influence by the sender’s mood or the context of situation. Sender encodes the ideas in a message – the sender converts the ideas into words or gestures to covey meaning. Message travels over a Channel – channels such as computers telephones or even spoken words is used to transfer the message to the receiver, but the sender must choose which way to be used as there might be an interruption in the communication process which is called noise. Receiver decodes messages – the receiver receives the message and translates it into meaning. Feedback travels to the Sender by the Receiver – feedback is given to the sender to show that the receiver had understood the message given by the sender.

Those Five steps shows how the communication process can work successfully but there are four goals in Business Communication that needs to be concerned as it will shows us whether the communication is successful or not.

The Four Goals of Business Communication are:-
Receiver Understanding
As we all know that an effective communication process involves sending information from the sender to the receiver by which the information should be clear and understandable by the receiver, that stated that the receiver understanding is the most important factors as it will prove whether the purpose of the communication had been achieved or not. When the receiver can understand the information which the sender sends, the goal of the communication had been achieved, which in other words, the...
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