The Four Forms of Multinational Corporations

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  • Published : November 5, 2012
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The four forms of multinational corporations are home replication, multi-domestic, global, and transnational. Home replication strategy is the international replication of home based competencies such as production scales, distribution and brand power. An example of this is Wal Mart opening in Brazil. Wal Mart has replicated its system which it uses domestically. Multi domestic strategy is a strategy by which companies try to achieve maximum local responsiveness by customizing both their product offering and marketing strategy to match different national conditions. Production, marketing and R&D activities tend to be established in each major national market where business is done. Global strategy is the plans developed by an organization to target growth on a global level for sales of products or services. A sound global strategy should address these questions: what must be (versus what is) the extent of market presence in the world's major markets? How to build the necessary global presence? What must be AND (versus what is) the optimal locations around the world for the various value chain activities? How to run global presence into global competitive advantage? Transnational strategy is an international business structure where a company's global business activities are coordinated via cooperation and interdependence between its head office, operational divisions and internationally located subsidiaries or retail outlets. A transnational strategy offers the centralization benefits provided by a global strategy along with the local responsiveness characteristic of domestic strategies.
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