The Four Context That Motivate Learning

Topics: Motivation, Skill, Future Pages: 1 (387 words) Published: April 8, 2013
The four contexts that motivate learning are practical context, personal context, experiential context, and idealistic context. Practical context is doing something because it is what’s expected of you to succeed or accomplish you’re giving tasks. The motivation is the strategic thinking to quickly get to the point and not have to waste any time. Personal context is setting goals for yourself to better your life or to further succeed in what you are already doing. The motivation behind this could be a job, school or even just the satisfaction of self-achievement. Experiential context learning is learning from experience or you’re experiences from the past. The motivation can be learning from your past experiences and remembering them and applying them in the future toward having better skills. Idealistic context is a learning that involves coming up with new ideas, theories, and concepts. Motivation can be the excitement of coming up with something new or unique.

I believe that the context that best motivates my learning is personal context. I have not always set goals for myself in the past however, I have been doing so recently. I believe my problem use to be was I would set certain goals and never be committed to them so they would never be completed. Time management which we have recently learned has been a huge help for me in this field as far as setting goals. I believe having the time to accomplish your goal or goals is the most important part if you want your goals to be accomplished. I now make sure I have the time as before I did not. I have learned to start off slow and take baby steps instead of rushing my goals. I once set a goal for myself in the past, it was to score a 300 on my APFT, the Army’s advanced physical fitness test. Which is the highest score that you can achieve on an APFT in the military. I did not train like I should have and only obtained the score of a 270. I should have started at a lower score, trained harder and worked...
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