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  • Published: August 26, 2012
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Holistic marketing concept is based on development, design, and implementation of marketing programs, processes, and activities that recognize their breadth and interdependencies.  Holistic marketing recognizes that "everything matters" with marketing  and that a broad, integrated perspective is necessary to attain the best solution 

Four main compnents of holistic marketing are: relationship marketing - integrated marketing - internal marketing - and socially responsible marketing. 

1. Relationship marketing - builds mutually satisfying long-term relationships – think CRM (customer relationship management & PRM (partner relationship management). 2. Integrated marketing - satisfies needs and surpass expectations. 3. Internal marketing - all teams work together and think customer. 4. Performance marketing - is financially accountable and social responsible.

Holistic Marketing Diagram

Holistic marketing concept is based on the development, design, andimplementation of marketing programs, process, and activities that recognize their breadth and interdependencies. Holistic marketing recognizes that “everything” Individuals try a variety of different marketing strategies every day. Some of these strategies work for them and helps them to become successful and profitable, while others are left wanting in one aspect or another. Even when a certain marketing strategy seems to work, it seems like something is missing from the whole experience. If any of these apply to you, it might be goodidea to look into different marketing strategy that invigorates their spirit as well as their marketing style. A different form of marketing strategy in which you explore different aspects such as Integrity Selling, Spirit Selling, and Spiritual Marketing is known as Holistic Marketing. Holistic Marketing is a great tool for any business whether you are a therapist, practitioner, consultant, or any other type of business one wishes to market effectively. The first step in Holistic Marketing is to start to the soul searching process. You need to look inside yourself in order to figure out what is going on in your life and what you wish to accomplish. Ask questions that will help figure out what inner strengths that you may possess, then figure out how to draw on those strengths. Another step is to figure out what you and the potential clients have in common. Clients need to be able to feel comfortable and trust who they are doing business with, no matter what field of expertise it might be. No one is going to see a doctor if they don't feel comfortable with them. The next part of Holistic Marketing is that the individual marketing their skills or product needs to be in the marketing mind frame every day. In order to be successful, you have to be ready to market yourself every day, no matter if it's at the grocery store or the office. This doesn't mean that you have to be in everyone's face all the time, pushing the products or services, with Holistic Marketing there is a more natural approach to this. Treat it the same as making a new friend or acquaintance, be friendly, nice, confident, and don't make it seem like the objective is to sell. This will get the attention of more potential clients or customers in a more positive way than any of the other tactics that take more of a salesman approach. For those who are new to the prospect of Holistic Marketing it is wise to do some research into the practices and methods taught by various people. This can be done online or by investing in a few books to help you along and help you discover what you need to change about your current marketing strategy. The overall goal is to find a marketing strategy that works for whatever it is you are trying to market. If there is more than just one person involved in the marketing, make sure that everyone takes part of the marketing plan. Everyone needs to be involved in order to be successful. So many people fear marketing when it can actually be...
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