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The Forms of Technology That I Use Every Day That Are Susceptible...

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The Forms of Technology That I Use Every Day That Are Susceptible to Outside Intrusion

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  • Jan. 2011
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The forms of technology that I use every day that are susceptible to outside intrusion are many. The first and most vulnerable is the most obvious device, my computers. Computers are the most susceptible to attack from outside sources because of both their complexity and their internet capability. Cell phones, newer HDTV’s, fancy cars, even my Xbox360 all have internet capability but none of these items is used to transmit personal information like a computer. You may make an online purchase through your iPhone but probably not through your car or Xbox. Today, more money is spent online than in actual stores, and all those credit card numbers are out there floating around in cyberspace, sure they are protected (or so we are told) on those online stores servers but that doesn’t really reassure me. I can think of 10 online businesses that have my credit card information, address, full name, phone number, SSN, and who knows what else. If they wanted to they could really mess my life up, at least until I told uncle Sam and he had something to say about that. Besides the obvious security risk of computers there are many other things we use every day that are vulnerable that we didn’t have to worry about 10, or even 5 years ago, like cell phones. Cell phones are 100 times more advanced than they were even 5 years ago, on my phone I have literally over 700 pictures and home movies, about 1000 music songs, a couple full length feature films, and my memory card is barely half full (8GB), I have GPS, mobile TV, satellite radio, Facebook, MySpace, AOL, instant messenger, Email, not to mention hundreds of phone numbers, and a million other things right on my phone, in my pocket. I NEVER allow my phone to save my social networking or email passwords or any passwords, I ALWAYS logout when I am done with something because what if my phone falls out of my pocket? Whoever finds it could have full access to my Facebook, MySpace, BANK accounts, email accounts, and whatever else...

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