The Formality of Baking

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  • Published : July 5, 2005
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The Formality Of Baking

Baking is a method that requires meticulous concentrating which can be joyous as well as frustrating. In order to understand baking it is necessary to grasp the basics. To understand the basics is practicing and conditioning yourself the proper methods of doing so. One of the easiest dough to assemble is the straight dough method, which is a combination of water, yeast, sugar, milk solids, butter and salt. The salt is added last because it inhibits the growth of the yeast. All of the ingredients are mixed in a mixing bowl"(Gisslen, p68, ch4). The straight dough method is a starter point to making dough. There are many varieties to dough that require different attention. Lean dough requires a lesser amount of fat and sugar and therefore it is the leanest of all bread products. The types of breads that have fewer amounts of fat and sugar are French, Italian, Kaiser rolls, and pizza bread"(Gisslen, p66, ch4). There are dough's with a higher fat content which provide a taster result. The short dough has a very high fat content. The short dough consist of having flour, sugar, and fat which makes the product such as a cookie or a pastry very crumbly and tender"(, 5/24/2005). There are many people who love croissants and Danish pastry's. To make a croissants or Danish pastry there needs to be a rolled in fat dough method. The rolled in fat dough method is when fat is incorporated into the dough in many layers by using a rolling and folding procedure. By alternating the layers of fat and dough it gives the baked product a flaky texture"(Gisslen, p66, ch4). Pies are a desert favorite. Making a pie depends on what kind of filling is used. A pie can have a Pumpkin, squash, even sweet potato filling. A pie that includes fruits such as apple or blueberries is best to consider the cooked juice method. The cooked juiced method is when the gel is made separately by cooking fruit juice, water, and sugar with...
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