The Formal Entry System

Topics: Verification, Formal verification Pages: 3 (790 words) Published: September 13, 2012
Formal Entry System (FES) Facilitates the processing of entry declaration on importations of a commercial nature for local consumption (sale or barter) of raw materials, semi-finished and/or finished goods to collect the necessary duties, taxes and other fees.FES also facilitates the control of regulated, prohibited and other ‘high-risk’ items through the use of the selectivity process.

Warehousing Entry System (WES) Facilitates the declaration processing of tax and duty-free importations under bond of raw materials or semi finished goods used by local enterprises to manufacture and assemble goods for exportation and monitors and controls the acceptance of informal entries or goods that are not classified for commercial value.

Informal Entry System (IES) monitors and controls the acceptance of informal entries or goods that are not classified for commercial value.

Import Clearance Process starts when Electronic manifests from shipping lines and airlines are submitted through VASP then PID/POD Updates vessels manifest’s Date of Last Discharge to determine 30 day filing period. The VASP helps the importer/broker lodge their entries (consumption Warehouse). All mandatory information are indicated in the forms. Importer/Broker submits hardcopies and attachments to entry processing offices (i.e., EPU) for verification. Document processor at entry processing office forwards verified hard copies to Customs examiners in appropriate Assessment sections. Examiner retrieves the Import Entry Internal Revenue Declaration/Single Administration Document & performs examinations based on the declaration’s Selectivity color (ie., Yellow, Red) Examiner modifies and updates the IEIRD/SAD by attaching his digital signature and the Appraiser retrieves and reviews IEIRD/SAD, and re-routes it Green to enable the payment process.

VERIFICATION PROCESSES PERFORMED BY FORMAL ENTRY SYSTEM (FES) includes Verification of client information which is a process verifies that the...
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