The Fork in the Road

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  • Published : May 22, 2011
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The Fork in the Road
The PBS documentary on ethics and values in America, it shows how Julia was being honored for her ongoing hard work to achieve bigger and better opportunities for many less fortunate students. Julia’s achievement was a milestone in her career. Finally, everyone in the ceremony toasted Julia and the sponsoring corporation, and the evening at the ceremony comes to end. Julia and her friend are now driving back to their homes. Julia is driving down a dark rural road. As Julia drives, she’s conversing with Allison on how great the evening went, chuckling as she spoke. In that moment, Julia drops a piece of paper and decides to reach for it while driving. As Julia reaches for the piece of paper, she shifts into the incoming lane in a fraction of a second. She corrects her shift, but there is an oncoming driver who sees his lane being invaded, and veers to his right, hitting the guard rail and sending him down into a cliff. Julia and Alison are freaked out, and scared to death. Julia steps out of the car to survey the accident. Meanwhile, Allison is calling 911 repeatedly with her cell phone, but not getting a signal. Julia makes it to the car that had flipped over, she checks the driver who appears to be a man in his fifties he has no vital signs. She suggests since they could not get a phone signal, to drive to the nearest precinct, which is further up the road. When they reach the intersection where they would need to make a left turn to the precinct, Julia changes her mind. Julia keeps revisiting and reminding Allison of all her hard work to gain sponsorship for her programs. She could not afford to let it all go down the drain. And fall the students who have depended on her. Julia persuades Allison to wait until the following morning to call the police and inform them of what happened. The accident makes it to the news,” man found dead in car accident, leaving behind wife and two children”. Allison walks in on Julia...
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