The Forgotten Holocaust of World War Ii

Topics: Nanking Massacre, John Rabe, World War II Pages: 3 (1180 words) Published: March 6, 2011
‘The Rape of Nanking’ by Iris Chang is a well-written account of what happened in Nanking, the capital city of the Nationalist China, when it fell to the Japanese hands during 1937. It was a tragic experience for the Chinese people and also for the foreigners who helped them. It also known as ‘The Forgotten Holocaust of World War II’ since there was voluminous murder that had happened that time. Not only the rape itself that is tackled in the book but also the denial of the Japanese about what happened. The true story was hidden for years until it was brought up by brave people, like Iris Chang, who earnestly studied the case and shared it to the public. The book was in detailed and there were also photographs of the incident. Approximately 300,000 Chinese were killed and it was said that Nanking had more people murdered than entire countries during World War II.

According to the book, some 20,000 to 80,000 Chinese women were raped by Japanese soldiers during this period of time. Women are the ones who suffered the most. They were disemboweled after being raped, had their vaginas torn apart by knives, their breasts cut off, or were tied up and sometimes forced to endure sex with as many as 40 soldiers a night; some were nailed alive to walls; fathers were forced to rape their daughters, sons their mothers. In other activities some people were roasted alive; some hung by their tongues on iron hooks; some buried to their waists and attacked by German shepherds. There were also live burials used along with considerable mutilation. Some prisoners were nailed to wooden boards and run over by tanks; some tried to trees and then long strips of flesh were cut off of them; some were used as bayonet practice; some put into pits, covered with gasoline and then set on fire. There would also be "killing contests" in which Japanese soldiers competed to see who could behead the most Chinese prisoners. Leaflets were dropped by the Japanese telling the Chinese how well...
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