The Forgotten Group Member

Topics: Psychology, Sociology, Emotion Pages: 1 (348 words) Published: March 24, 2013
Case Study: The Forgotten Group Member

Part 1: Group Development
The group is in the norming stage. This stage is when the members are beginning to come together as a team. Christine job as a lead and support her group and to ensure that they have a basic understanding of the five stages of team development. Christine should have explained how important it is to attend all meetings and how each member should contribute as much as possible. Since Mike appears to have disunity with the team; Christine should have found a way to get Mike on board with the group. Maybe hold a meeting with Mike explaining how important his role is in the group

Part II: Problem Identification
Christine is now in the storming stage. The storming stage is when there is a period of high emotions and tension among the group. There are some challenges that the team are now experiencing and they are personality conflicts and social loafing. For example, Steve always wants the group meetings to be guided by an agenda and Mike had a problem meeting at 8:30 because it conflicted with a show that he loves to watch. Diane was quiet and Janet was the most reliable one. Christine should understand their personality traits of each team member so that she can build work processes for each member to assist in the written analysis. Christine should also found ways to get Mike to interact more with the group. In this case, Mike appears to be the one that is social loafing. He sits back and allows everybody to contribute more to the group when his contribution is minimum to none. Since Christine was the leader of the group, she should have dealt with Mike social loafing in a timely manner. This type of behavior will cause problems in the group. Christine should allow Mike to use his creativity as contribution to the group project to help move the team towards progression. Christine should have also clarified each member role or expectations toward the group project.

Part III:...
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