The Forgotten Garden Essay

Topics: Learning, Discovery, English-language films Pages: 4 (1534 words) Published: June 10, 2012
Discover identity
An individual’s lineage influences the outcome of who he/she grows into. Every individual looks to their parent as a mentor of sorts, someone to ask questions and learn from. But what if an individual grew up not knowing who that mentor was, without acquiring their values and traits. In the novel The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton she centers the story on a family spanning from the early 1900’s to early 2000’s. Eliza, Nell, and Cassandra are all the main protagonists in the story and all faced a loss of their birth parents. Each of these characters grew up without their mother and father and learned to grow strong but always longing affection. Each had someone to care for them but each story is different. Eliza ending up living as a servant under Mrs.Swindell the landlord, Nell growing under sweet Hugh until she discovered he was not her father, and Cassandra being cared for by her kind grandmother Nell because her mother left her. Not only is this a story a story of finding one’s self but of finding it through discoveries and experiences. Each of Kate Morton’s characters tries to discover who they are at Blackhurst Manor. Through our choices and our influences we decide who we are, but if we grow without an influence, with an alternative, would it change who we are from who we could have been? A child that grows with their mother and father grows like them, discovering who they are through them.

Some Individuals face empty lives always searching for comfort and suffering often, but if these individuals can find something to bring them life it can lift them up. Eliza Makepeace at a young age lost her mother to sickness and became the adult figure looking out for her mentally ill brother Sammy. Until after playing a game in the thick fogged, streets of London, Sammy was killed in an accident, soon after Eliza was taken to her uncle’s manor to live. It was here that she discovered Rose Mountrachet her cousin who became her one and only...
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