The Forbidden Planet

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  • Published : December 6, 2011
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The Forbidden Planet

During the post World War II era, in 1956, director Alfred M. Wilcox created this scince fiction masterpiece, which was based on Shakespeare’s The Tempest, The Forbidden Planet. This exciting film stars Leslie Nielson, Walter Pidgeon, and Anne Francis. If you have read The Tempest, you know that a ship full of people crash onto a desolate island inhabiting a mage and his daughter and a deformed fish man. In The Forbidden Planet, rather than a vessel crashing, it’s replaced with a space ship, commanded by Leslie Nielson, landing on a planet that inhabits a doctor and his daughter and his slave robot.

In this movie, Leslie Nielson plays his role as Commander J.J. Adams. He receives orders to land on Planet Altair IV, which is 16 light years away from Earth, to discover the fate of an expedition sent 20 years earlier to establish a colony there. His cruiser is contacted by Dr. Morbius, who warns the crew to stay away, but they land anyway. The planet has a plentiful amount of oxygen and it has a green sky with 2 moons. Once landed, they run into Robby the robot who takes the commander and 2 of his crew members to Morbius. This is where they meet his daughter Alta. To make a long story short, the commander falls in love with Alta and wants to rescue her from the planet. The doctor gets upset and his mind conjures a close to indestructible demon which kills many crew members. Morbius loses control of the being and so I don’t spoil the entire ending, you must watch the movie!

Many themes can be interpreted in this movie. The theme of innocence lost is explored as Altaria receives lessons in kissing from the handsome young Lt. Farman. This outrages Morbius who wants his daughter to always be untouched by the lusts and desires of humanity. The theme of love when Commander Adams, obviously jealous when he finds out Alta has been kissing the whole crew, falls in love with her and plans to take her from the planet. Morbius gave her a choice if...
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