The Following Use Case Is Used to Define Optimal Paths for a Customer in an Automated (Web-Based) Movie or Game Video Rental Scenario. Use Case Name: Create Rent Movie/Game Video Stock Scenario: User Need to Enter a

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The following use case is used to define optimal paths for a customer in an automated (Web-based) movie or game video rental scenario. Use Case Name:Create Rent Movie/Game Video stock
Scenario:User need to enter a rent stock for movie or game video Triggering Event:The customer selects a title from the category Brief Description:This use case describes the interactions that take place when a customer rents a video on the Web Actors:Customer

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Preconditions:The customer must have an active account. The customer meets the age requirement of the video rating attached to the category. The category has been provisioned with titles.
Postconditions:A new order is created for the account.
The inventory is modified to reflect the rented videos.
The system has debited the account and credited the business for the cost of the video rentals. Flow of Activities:ActorSystem
1.The customer browses through the category and selects a title. 2.If the title is available, the system adds the media for the title to the cart and the media is pending rental. 3.When the customer is finished selecting media, he places the order. To place the order, the customer is authenticated and the account is validated. The cost of media is debited from the account. The media in the cart associated with the order is changed to Rented.The system acknowledges the order.

Exception Conditions:The title is unavailable: the customer must make another choice. The account is invalid due to unpaid late fees: see Pay Late Fees use case. The account is invalid due to an invalid credit card: the system prompts the customer for a valid credit card.
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