The Fly

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  • Published : May 29, 2013
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The fly
First impressions of the story: A meeting between a boss and an employee. They talk about old times meaning that they have known each other for quite some time. The conversation was a distraction on reality. The first impressions of the story may trail your reference to the word fly, for example minority. A second meaning for this could be the result of power taking over others. Comparison of the two| The boss| woodifield|

How he speaks| Talks down to woodifield. Believes he is more significant| Always polite and careful not to hurt the boss’s feelings| How he moves| “rolled on his chair” he is clearly too lazy to move | “shuffling footsteps” (he is old but still wants to move)| How he drinks| He drinks with a sense of pride| He drinks with a sense of caution| How he looks at things| He looks at things with not as much care as he could| Woodifield looks at things with meaning and purpose| Attitude to women| “…we know a bit more than the ladies!” He is very sexist toward women.| “the wife and girls kept him boxed up” He lets women push him around and does nothing about it| Outlook on life| The boss only cares about his power and looking his finest at all times| Woodifield is old and wants to revisit all his friends before he dies.| The authors ‘voices”: The quotes “y’are very snug in here,” and “the wife and the girls kept him boxed up…” are Woodifield, the wife and the girls “speaking” here. The second quote shows that the wife and he girls are very controlling, not allowing Woodifield out very often, as Woodifield recalls. “The wife and girls keep him boxed up” this quote shows that everyone seems to have full control over Woodifield. “All the same we cling to our last pleasures as the tree clings to its last leaves” this shows us that Woodifield is old and wanting to revisit all his friends before he dies. “It’s snug in here, upon my word” and “flipped the financial times with a paper knife” these two quotes show that this...
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