The Flowers, Loss of Innocence

Pages: 2 (756 words) Published: January 13, 2013
Patrick Walsh
Mr. Krantz
English 4, 4
Loss of Innocence
Have you ever thought about a time in your life where you took your maturity to the next step? There are certain events that led up to the moment in your life where innocence is changed and you become closer to an adult. In the short story “The Flowers” by Alice Walker, Myop’s character proves that everyone reaches a point of change in innocence. Whether it is by choice or in growth, all ways require obstacles and new things that one self hasn’t been exposed to before.

Myop’s curiosity leads her come across many surprising obstacles while on her adventure to find flowers. Her curiosity results to searching further than she has before while seeking new things. While entering a new place that Myop has not discovered before she “gazed around the spot with interests”, opening herself to new things. Myop’s curiosity leads her to new adventures that she does not hesitate to attempt right away. While on her adventure she comes across several obstacles. While being far from home, “it seemed gloomy in the little cove in which she found herself.” The time change can compare to reality as you get further in life you start to experience new things that you haven’t seen before. As Myop travels more she also learn more while walking around she is careful about “keeping an eye out for snakes.” As one self gets further in life they begin to look out for certain things. As Myop begins to come to an end on her journey she notices the “air was deep, silence close and deep.” Things become different as “the strangeness of the land made it not as pleasant as her usual haunts.” Myop notices a shift in the setting while she attempts to conclude her journey things aren’t as “silver ferns and wild flowers” as they were before. As Myop enters a changing point in her journey she begins to learn from it. There are certain times in life when people realize that things aren’t always good and some things...
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