The Flash

Topics: World War II, Green Lantern, Speed Force Pages: 1 (308 words) Published: May 21, 2013
The Flash

Putting the images of Jay Garrick and the Flash in the same page, the author shows the different identities of this superhero by different costumes. There are three different kinds of hats in panel 2, 5, and 7. At the time when this comic was created, hats are used to show people’s different identities. In panel 2, Jay is holding a fedora hat, which illustrates Jay’s social citizen status and the gentlemanly attire of people during the 1930s. When Jay becomes the Flash in panel 5, he wears differently. The metal helmet with wings attached reminds me of the mythological deities – Hermes and Mercury who represent the messenger of god. The Flash in this way is given a mysterious identity with special powers. As the messenger, Hermes wears shoes with wings and uses them to fly freely between the mortal and immortal world. In relation to the deity, the Flash wears helmet and shoes with wings and uses his super speed to fight crimes. Also, the shape of the Flash’s helmet is the same as the helmet of American soldiers during the World War 2 and the colors of his costume are coincident with the national flag of America, which may intent to show the soldiers’ great power to readers and also cheer up the soldiers who are under the military service. In panel 7, the bad guy is also wearing a hat. However, the hat is higher than the one Jay is holding and the black color makes it like a magician’s hat. This might be the indication of this guy’s comic and role in the story. Another thing to notice from this page is that this superhero is not covering his face, which means that his superhero identity is not a secret to the public and every normal people may become a superhero.
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