The Five C's Worksheet

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Online and Traditional Education

Online and traditional education is very beneficial. They both serve a great purpose as far as helping one further their education, and wanting to get a great career. Traditional education has a lot more to offer, opposed to online courses. With traditional college you are able to get the full ride. You get the chance to get a full sports scholarship, or even a scholarship without having to play sports. As long as your grades are excellent all throughout your years of going to school. Most colleges even go as far as looking at your records from elementary school. You get the chance to join frats and sororities. Get a chance to have a lifetime of sisterhood or brotherhood. Experience what it is like to live in another state. Get to know new people. Able to focus without little brothers, sisters, or even children getting in your way. You get to be in personal contact with professors, who can lead you to different avenues once you finish your major. Get to experience what it is like to have a roommate. Public university promote collaborative learning within in the class room, more they than do in independent studies. Campus life offers many social opportunities and a various selection of extracurricular activities. Universities are either situated in a college town, or the in heart of a big city. You will have a much greater opportunity to meet and develop relationships with many different types of people. You have a greater chance of getting an internship in what it is that you majored in. Most of the time where you have done your internship, the company will hire you on as a regular employee if they feel like you can be a great asset to them. Then you may be able to work your way up in the corporate world. Even if you don’t stay with the same company, you will still have that experience in the specific department. Maybe even from that point you will be able to start your own business in your preferred profession. I know of...
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