The Five Pillars of Islam

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?The Five Pillars of Islam

The Five Pillars of Islam communicate a sense of goodness and well-being. The teachings profess that one should show respect for God and his messenger Muhammad, and show kindness for all people despite there faith. The Five pillars outline practices that strengthen purify, and promote a special relationship in the belief of the one true God.

The First Pillar

The first pillar obligates people of the faith to let others know what Islam is about. They are to tell others about Islam and its teachings without pressuring people into there beliefs. The first pillar also expresses that one should show respect to the one true God and his messenger Muhammad. A person of Muslim faith will also show respect for the prophets and the Qur’an.

The Second Pillar

The second pillar of Islam instructs Muslims to commit to daily prayers and rituals. A person of this faith must pray five times a day and perform rituals with water or earth. While kneeling prayers and passages are recited as they bow in respect to the all mighty. There is no priest to instruct what should be prayed upon, because the central belief is that no one stands in between them and God. Daily prayer helps to cleanse the soul of impurities and reinforces a bond with God.

The Third Pillar

The third pillar insures growth and well being amongst the people. This pillar teaches Muslims to help others despite there faith and to promote good will towards all. The third pillar also strengthens the economics of the faith by requiring Muslims to donate at least two and a half percent of there yearly income two those that are in need. This practice keeps money flowing and strengthens the economy, benefitting everyone. It teaches people to help others and eliminates greed.

The Fourth Pillar

The fourth pillar requires Muslims to fast during the period of Ramadan. Ramadan is a time of remembrance of the Qur’an being passed down to the messenger Muhammad....
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