The Five People You Meet in Heaven

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  • Published : April 4, 2012
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Have you ever thought about what your destination to heaven would be like or who you would meet there? Well, the book The Five People You Meet in Heaven, by Mitch Albom constructs an image of how the afterlife would exist after an individual has passed away. In addition, the author presents its readers with five significant themes: every action made affects others, lives are sacrificed to save others, forgive others and let go of your anger, love is very powerful, and that there is a purpose for everything; which will all be further discussed. My brief summary of the book basically regards the main character Eddie, an 83 year old man who works at Ruby Pier (an amusement park) as a maintenance man. Eddie dies and goes to heaven to meet five important people named: Joseph Corvelzchik (known as the Blue Man), his commanding officer (known as his Captain when he was in the war), Ruby (the wife of the original owner of the amusement park and the reason why it was made), Marguerite (his wife), and Tala (a young child who he unintentionally killed in the war). Each and every one of these people help guide him, mentor him, and teach him a valuable lesson to help him understand his life on earth better, and how he lived it as oppose to how he really should have lived out his life on earth. Via each valuable lesson these characters give stems five different topics that are addressed through these characters. For instance, the first person he meets in heaven was Joseph Corvelzachik. Joseph brought it to Eddie’s attention that on earth every person is connected in some way through their actions and how that action may have an effect on another person. A prime example Joseph gives is how his tragic death occur which was because of Eddie; even though, Eddie had no clue that he played a major part in his death. When Eddie was a little boy he went out in the street chasing after his baseball, and Joseph who was driving at the moment try to avoid hitting him by swerving in which he swerved into another car, had a heart attack, and then died. Thus, here we can really see how the topic about our actions on earth can connect us with others and how we could forever alter another person’s life for either the good or the bad just from our actions alone. The second person he meets in heaven is his commanding officer. During Eddie’s younger years he spent some time fighting in the war, and after surviving the war, he came out with a limp leg. Consequently, Eddie’s commanding officer brings forth the crucial topic of sacrifice. He jogs his memory of the war and tells him how his death occurred; since at the time Eddie was unconscious. All he knew that his Captain had later died, but not how he had died. Though the Captain’s death was unfortunate, the way he died in which he died saving the rest of his soldiers’ lives was however inspiring. The Captain and his soldiers had just survived being capture by their enemies for an unspecified amount of days. After surviving successfully they decided to blow up the place before leaving, but as they were leaving, Eddie decide to go back inside the burning building because he thinks he sees a shadow of a child figure crawling into the building. This makes him think of his little cousins at home, and as result, he decides to go back inside to try to find and save the child. But, a fellow soldier tries to stop him and when that fails, the Captain shoots Eddie in the leg being that his principle for war was “no one gets left behind!” After this Eddie is unconscious and as their on their way out the Captain decides to be the first to make sure that everything is safe and clear at the gate before everyone else goes through. When he does this, he gets blown up into pieces because he was on the spot of a landmine. Had the Captain not went by himself to make sure everything was safe, the whole crew would of died instead of just one person. Thus, he sacrificed his life so that the others could live and go back home...
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