The Five People You Meet in Heaven, By Mitch Albom: Book Summary

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  • Published : February 27, 2007
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Book Report
The Five People You Meet in Heaven
By: Mitch Albom

Eddie - main character, old man, in his eighty's , works at Ruby's Pier, fixing the rides, dies after a ride breaks and falls on top of him.

Annie - minor character, girl whom Eddie saved from a falling cart. She lived after Eddie dies.

The blue man - the first person Eddie meets in heaven. Eddie had killed this man earlier, not purposely. The man had too much chemicals in his vitamins growing up, so his skin turned blue.

Ruby - the second person Eddie meets in heaven. The pier Eddie works at was named after her. Her husband had built it for her after they married.

Marguerite - Eddies wife. They were married for a long time until he lied to her one night about where he was. When she went out to look for him, she was hit by a car and died. Eddie never forgave himself for that. He was in madly in love with her.

Tala - Eddie's last person he met in heaven. She was killed in the Vietnam war, when Eddie blew up a village. Her grandmother left her in a house while she went to look for food. Eddie and his crew didn't know she was in the house. And they blew it up.

Eddie was an eighty-three year old man who worked and lived at Ruby Pier for his whole life. He grew up there, and his father was the main maintenance worker. While Eddie was growing up, he was taught to work on fixing the rides, and helping out with the games. He and his father got along very good, and his father sometimes favored him over his brother.

Eddie went of to fight in the Vietnam war. When he came back, he was a completely changed man. He suffered from depression, as would most men coming back from war. For weeks all he could do was think about all the innocent people that were killed, and the horrors of the war. One day when his father yelled at him to get off the couch, and get a job, Eddie became furious and yelled back at his father. His father then tried to slap him, and Eddie stopped him....
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