The First World War Ended the European Domination of the World

Topics: United States, World War II, Europe Pages: 5 (1835 words) Published: November 23, 2010
The First World War in the beginning of the twentieth century is remembered as horrific and the savagery of mankind. It was the clash between the powers and the show off stage for their national pride. It was truly a struggle for dominance and delivered nothing but destruction and their downfall. The First World War surely ended the European domination of the world. It was a fair cycle of history that took away the baton of prolonged European imperialism to other rising regions such as Asia and America. It was surely the war that caused European downfall in economy, political unstableness, and change in their tension toward internal and external neighboring borders. The war was a controversial warfare in an immense scale that had no differentiation in both military combatants and civilians. This type warfare also known as the “total war” had brought European economies in demolition due to the over concentration on military spending. Politically, rise of republican governments along with new socialist ideas and the decline of monarchist system which was a strong centralized power contributed in the part of the shift in power. The war provided the foothold for newly industrialized states: the United States and Japan to join the race along with the European powers. Aftermath of the war gave opportunity to the worldwide independent movements especially in India and Arabian nations once firmly controlled by mighty British regime. Also, Chinese May 4th movement which was cultural and socio political reform proved the once European dominated regions were no longer in the hands of their influence. The war that crudely consumed colonies’ rights and possessions not only brought the resistance but heightened the nationalistic ideas within the colonized states. The process of European downfall in their dominance of the world originated within their inevitable competence. Vigorously outstretched European imperialism between the late 19th century and the First World War brought overwhelming power to the European states. Rivalry was impossible to be avoided which then divided Europe into major alliance systems in attempts to balance each other’s power. This system in Europe created tension that changed their worldly interest into their close borders. Thus, the First World War was the event that ceased the European egocentric behavior followed by the shift of powers and their gradual falls in their dominance of the world.

The First World War tremendously changed the balance of world powers. The war brought nothing but destruction to the entire European nations and inevitably brought economical downfall in Europe. This demolition gave rise to the other regional powers: the United States of America and Imperial Japan. During the war, each European power used the slogan of ‘total war” which was the mobilization of all their available resources, in order to render beyond use their rival's capacity for resistance. The total war mostly occurred in the land of Europe and it was truly a severe damage to the European 19th century’s prosperity. The total war expenditure by the European participators was listed as 190 billion dollars including the other indirect spending which was approximately 160 billion dollars. This was close to thirty percent of the European countries’ national wealth. Within the war period, accumulated European wealth that was built on through a long imperialism which maintained European dominance in the world was wastefully evaporated. Also, the post war wound was prevalent throughout the European continent. Industrialized German and French cities fell into ruins and Britain who was less damaged in their homeland also lost about 7,759,000 tons of merchant values throughout the war. Thoroughly, the European economies wrecked each other while passing their capital to an emerging America. By contrast, The United States whose exports were not even close to the half of British market in the late 19th century ascended...
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