The First Time I Go to Cam Ranh City

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  • Published : February 18, 2013
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In this time last year, I had an adventurous trip to Cam Ranh. Some friends and I do not travel in groups. Every one just had a backpack, a train ticket and then we started exploring in new land. This trip gives me a lot of experience with vehicles, accommodation and places to visit ... Train from HCMC to Nha Trang losing more than 400km. If you want to go to Cam Ranh you must to catch a taxi for 45km. Cam Ranh gradually appeared in front of me but we realized that Cam Ranh is not a tourist destination and this city is a small city so the hotel is very rare. We learnd that we should find and book the rooms where we do not know anything about it before we visit. On the next day in Cam Ranh, we rented three moto then we excited to visit Ngoc Suong resort, where director Nguyen Quang Dung choose to film "kisses brilliant". The trip was very interesting, we are eating, bathing, relax and take a lot of beautiful pictures. Everything is wonderful until we have a problem with an old motorcycle. My friend’s motocycle sundenly broken, lost control and fall down the hill ... Fortunately, I sled it when I was stopping to take pictures ... By now, we're still angry with the landlord cars who do not care about the safety of customers. On the third day in Cam Ranh, we are very nice to met some local enthusiastic youth accidentally, and they offered to take us to a wonder land called "waterfall fairy" to visit. Streams flowing from the waterfall to bring in the cool clear waters. A beautiful wild place where you will not find it in the city. Then, this young team has a few more stranger friends and more later while this place become desolate in the afternoon. The 6th sense tells that we should be careful with strangers. So we excuse an appointment to fold and run straight to the hotel. Until now I do not know how youth group, anyway I think that we have to be careful to myself. In short, there are a lot of natural beauty that has not been...
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