The First Lady Affects Our Nations Fashion Trends

Topics: Michelle Obama, First Lady of the United States, Barack Obama Pages: 3 (954 words) Published: February 11, 2013
The First Lady Affects our Nations Fashion Trends
There are many aspects to fashion but many only focus on the misconceptions such as: fashion is forced onto consumers, fashion only influences women, and fashion is mysterious and unpredictable. What influences fashion are lifestyles, group acceptance, social forces, weather, economy, or depression. Many people today look to others for their fashion styles and ideas. Most innovators in fashion come from entertainers, celebrities, and musicians. We forget to notice that the political influence plays a major role in trends as well. Whether engaged in politics or not, someone everyone notices is the First Lady. The First Lady can be influential in many ways including to her husband, to society, and even after their presidency term. She has the broadest influence on fashion trends today. In the past four years, no woman has been a more powerful force in fashion than Michelle Obama. “Michelle Obama has done it all with a personal style that has inspired admirers and boosted the American fashion industry – by billions” (Stogdhill). Being a style icon is not a prerequisite for the First Lady, but it’s been seen and known over time, that style is definitely not out of question for the leading lady. Mrs. Obama has been a motivator, a supporter of harmless causes like helping military families and ending childhood obesity, and an increasingly clever political player who poured her popularity into her husband’s re-election campaign. Fashion has gained shape for Obama’s image that is reachable and inspirational. She will be seen in everything from Tom Ford and Ralph Lauren to Naeem Khan and Doo-Ri, making American styles worldwide. She is also known for her everyday look with garments from J. Crew, Talbots, and Target. She developed a change in the way first Ladies displayed themselves. “She is unabashed in the pleasure she finds in fashion, in her willingness to engage with its creative spirit and to support its...
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