The First Fifa World Cup

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History of the World Cup:
The First FIFA World Cup
Keren Casco-Tobias
College of Southern Nevada

History of the FIFA: The First FIFA World Cup
In the past 73 years it has become extremely evident that the FIFA World Cup has reached an unquestionable prestige as the grandest single sporting event of the modern world. No other single sporting event has the capability to capture the World’s culture all together like the World Cup is able to. Ever since the FIFA’s very first inauguration of the World Cup its popularity and prestige has only continued to grow with each event after the other; proving its ability to captivate the attention billions of fans from all over the globe drawing them in to keep track of their favorite team. All these of passionate fans ought to thank the men who brought this dream come true as if it weren’t for these men today we wouldn’t be awaiting anxiously for the upcoming 2014 World Cup.

The History of this sporting event travels back to the 1920’s with Jules Rimet, the president of the FIFA, and a group of French Football Administrators who were able to come up with the innovative idea of bringing the world’s strongest national football teams to compete for the for the acclaimed title of World Champions. It was after the success of the Olympic Football Tournament that the FIFA got a intense desire of being able to host their own world championship. The Federation Internationale de Football Association, FIFA, decided to send out questionnaires to the affiliated associations to ask whether or not they agreed with this idea of a tournament of their own. They received marvelous response when they were informed of the remarkable proposal made by the executive committee. On May 28, 1928 the FIFA congress decided they were ready for the challenge of putting together their own world championship,...
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