The First Day at High School

Topics: College, High school, Middle school Pages: 1 (271 words) Published: August 8, 2012
It was a hot sunny day, when I finish our study at Junior High School. My friend and I are think about the High School. My mother and father always ask to me “Where you want next the study?”. But I didn’t think so, I don’t know where want next the study. But after one month rolled on, I took the decision to next in High School at Tomohon. My parents already agree, and they help me to manage all necessity to school. Until I enter in the school they always help me. I so happy because I have the good parents. Until now they always be section in every my activity. Although the first time in the dorm, I always beef about I will move from this school. And I always call my parents and cry, I can’t restrain all problem. I always sick, always go to doctor with parents and nurse. Often not enter to school and remainder the lesson. I don’t know what happens in my self, I don’t think so. But, the finally I can exceeded all problem on the dorm. And I hope I can’t same with it again. Now I can’t like to move from this school. Now I will try to finish our study on this school. I must have diploma from this school. Although the problem are big must I try to finish it. I can had recourse to teacher, friend, and parents but don’t think to move from this school. Just think about the future in the college.

By: Margareth Sondakh
Class: XI Social Science
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