The First Day

Topics: Short story, Fiction, Pulitzer Prize Pages: 2 (762 words) Published: November 22, 2011
The first day.
The first day, by Edward p. Jones. born 1951 is an American novelist and short story writer. His 2003 novel The Known World received the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. Jones was born and raised in Washington, D.C., and educated at both the College of the Holy Cross and the University of Virginia. His first book, Lost in the City, is a collection of short stories about the African-American working class in 20th-century Washington, D.C. In the early stories are some who are like first-generation immigrants, as they have come to the city as part of the Great Migration from the rural South. Setting:

- Point of View: 1st-person narrator, unreliable
- Story is a: flashback to the narrator’s first day in school in her childhood, memory included Dialogs (direct speech).
- Time: The present tense could happen nowadays, written in 1992.

“the first day”, by Edward P. Jones is a pretty simple story to read. It is not complicated if only the reader understand the concept of how adults who don’t have ability to read or write have to get through their lives harder than ones who have that kind of ability. Author want to give reader an idea of how a girl feel when she find that her mother struggled in placing her daughter in a school only because she cannot do what other people normally can do. But that doesn’t stop her mother from putting her daughter an opportunity to find her own path ahead in her life. In the beginning of the story, author wrote “ on an otherwise unremarkable September morning, long before I learned to be ashamed of my mother…” it have the reader an idea of how she feel after she found out more about her mother. When mother and her daughter completed with all of preparation for school. When they went out of the house, it appears that environment around the house is not as decent. It must be around in a ghetto urban areas according to the name of the streets. Most inner-towns have all streets ordered up in alphabets. Also name them up...
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