The First Attempt on Archduke Franz Ferdinand the 2nds Life

Topics: Gavrilo Princip, Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, Danilo Ilić Pages: 2 (621 words) Published: April 29, 2013
The First Attempt on Archduke Franz Ferdinand the 2nds Life

When Franz Ferdinand got on the Black Hand’s radar, they decided to have him killed. Nedjelko Cabrinovic was the first member to give it a try. Nedjelko was an often-sickly man, who changed sides often (at times he was a socialist, at others an anarchist, and even a nationalist). He was recruited by the Black Hand around 1912, shortly after being expelled from Sarajevo for a period of five years. He trained for 2 years with the group, becoming a skilled marksman and bomb thrower, before being ordered to kill Franz Ferdinand. The Black Hand had been worrying about the Archduke’s plans to grant concessions to the Southern Slavs, and when Dragutin Dimitrijević (a member of the Black Hand) heard that the Archduke would be visiting Sarajevo, he saw an opportunity to quash that worry. He decided that the Archduke should be assassinated, picking Nedjelko as one of three original people to be involved in the Archduke’s murder. In preparation for the trip, Nedjelko and eventually six others (Gavrilo Princip, Trifko Grabez, Danilo Ilic, Vaso Cubrilovic, Cvijetko Popovic, and Muhamed Mehmedbasic) were given a revolver, two bombs, and a small vial of cyanide with orders to commit suicide after Franz Ferdinand had been killed. After the three had been sent off, Apis (Dragutin Dimitrijević’s) received orders from the Serbian Government and leaders of the Black Hand that he was not to proceed, and so made a weak attempt at arresting them before they left the country. By the time Apis got around to giving the orders though, the three were already outside the borders of the country, and so were not able to be arrested. When the seven got to Sarajevo, they waited for about a month for the Archduke to arrive. In this time, the only action that those who opposed the planned assassination of the Archduke took was to give one vague warning to Dr. Leon von Bilinski, who didn’t even understand that what they were...
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