The Filmmaking Process

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Part 1
Film Making Process
* Film making have 5 traditional stages. But we’ll be tweaking it a bit. 5 Stages of Film making
* Idea/Development Stage – (according to the Guerilla Filmmaking Module) is the stage where the story is developed and the key personnel are assembled. It is where the crew would gather and pitch(share) their ideas about the story to be formed. According to my own guessing(because this might also be true to other filmmakers) is that I the idea stage has two types: 1. Non-existing type – I consider this as a type of idea or story that’s yet to be formed. It means it’s not based on a story that’s already written but it’s really a new story that the crew would have to form according to their agreed construction of the story. There may be a person who would write the main idea but the details of it will be according to the pitched ideas. 2. Existing type – it’s an idea or story that is already written or the entire concept, even the details, are already written by a certain writer only waiting for his story to be filmed. The crew can still pitch for additional ideas but shouldn’t change much of the story because that would be an insult the vision of the one who wrote it. Respect each other’s idea. In our crew we’ll be working on projects with stories that are either of the two types so let’s prepare our hearts for that. In the Development stage, writing of a draft script for the idea that’s formed is also included but this may not be the case if the type of story is Existing. It is also better to finalize the story during this stage to avoid too much changing in the future which may destroy both the story and the plans that are about to be made. Let’s be consistent with our plans.

* Pre-Production – in this stage the story is final. It shouldn’t be changed anymore. If there’s any change it should be only a slight change and not a major one. The script is ready. Storyboards, shotlists all done. All we need to do is prepare...
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