The Film a Knights Tale

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  • Published : November 14, 2011
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The Film A Knights Tale is an historical tale set in the 14th Century based on “The Knights Tale” from the collection of stories written by Geoffrey Chaucer, called “The Canterbury Tales”. A Knights Tale is the story of how a thatcher’s son, William Thatcher, changed his stars, followed his dreams and became a knight. One of the films main themes is “With hard work one can better himself of his social class”. In a way William never really belonged with his peasant social class because he was always dreaming of belonging to the landed gentry. William finally gets his chance to joust in a tournament when the knight whom he is apprentice to, dies before the final jousting. After winning, William and the other two apprentices train secretly in the woods under the fake name Sir. Ulrich Von Lichtenstein.

Even after taking on a knight’s title as his new identity William still does not belong with his desired social class, but instead of giving up on his dream, William continues to hide his true self until he is discovered as a fraud by another knight who is jealous of Sir. Ulrich’s jousting and courting abilities. Once the authorities were told of his fraud, William is imprisoned, thrown in the stocks and humiliated by the society who once accepted him because of his high social class but now hate because he refused to conform to their expectations.

In the end, The Black Prince of Wales, in return of a past kindness William payed him, orders him be released from the stocks and knights him on the spot, in front of everyone who moments ago were throwing stones and hitting him. Which turns the humiliation around onto the audience.
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