The Film “a Bronx Tale”

Topics: Robert De Niro, A Bronx Tale, Family Pages: 1 (408 words) Published: October 10, 2011
In the film “A Bronx Tale” directed by Robert De Niro an important event near the end of the film was when Sonny got shot in the bar. The main visual techniques used are slow motion and acting in the scene. This event was important because it showed the special, intimate relationship between Sonny and Calogero. This film is about a young boy named Calogero, growing up in an Italian neighbourhood in the Bronx. Sonny is the Mafia boss who becomes like a father to Calogero. In the scene near the end of the film when Sonny gets shot, slow motion is used as Calogero tries to get to Sonny in the crowd bar. The voice over of Calogero said ‘only one face was not smiling’ and had noticed that it was the son of the man Sonny had shot earlier in the film. The technique of slow motion was used to focus how hard it was for Calogero to get to Sonny and warn him. He uses facial expression of being shocked by reaching out his hand for Sonny when he was about to get shot. This shows how much Calogero cares for Sonny, just like a son who cares for their father. Slow motion at this time also draws attention to the killer and for viewers it raises the tension as we know something is important is about to happen. Another technique used in this scene is of acting, specifically Lillo Brancato who acted as Calogero age 17. As the actor acting as Calogero realised something bad and unexpected was going to happen to Sonny, viewers had watched and saw him looking shocked, frightened and anxious as he tried to warn Sonny. Viewers heard and watched Calogero calling out Sonny’s name under the slow motion. Again, these techniques were used to show the special, intimate relationship between Calogero and Sonny. Sonny is like a second father to Calogero because he taught him to “get two educations, one at school and one on the streets” and “this shit is not for you. They’re jerk offs and Slick is the biggest jerk off”. Sonny saved Calogero’s life when he made him get out of the car, which was...
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