The Film Glory

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  • Published : April 29, 2013
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The American Civil War was fought from 1861 to 1865 by The Union and The Confederacy. The motion picture Glory created in the 1980s retells a true story of the involvement of African American soldiers during the Civil War. The film fails to give adequate information about African American leaders and left a story untold. The film does show the unfair treatment of the 54th regiment of Massachusetts, but there are a lot of things that were left out. Fredrick Douglass and Williams Wells Brown were key contributors during the Civil War on the behalf of recruiting African Americans to the Armed Services. They were the connection between government and the people. There were promises made by The War Department that were not fulfilled. The promises not being made caused an internal battle between African Americans and the union. The Writings of Fredrick Douglass and Williams Wells Brown explain The American Civil War Era and the involvement of African Americans more thorough then that of the film.

The film Glory does Highlight Frederick Douglass when he is in a social gathering with government officials in a quick scene, but the film does not goes into detail about the contributions and he put forth as a front runner in advocating equality for American Soldiers. Nevertheless the film does not go into detail about any African American leader who had an impact on recruiting the soldiers, and fighting for their equality. Though the film may have not been intended to show the involvement of African American leader’s, it is hard to put in prospective the true sense of the Civil War and involvement of African Americans without those Ingredients. The film does a good job of exposing some flaws of film making and telling a not thorough story, and not showing a vivid picture of the true essence of the war. As well as not emphasizing on the impact of significant African Americans. These significant African American’s played a role in getting black soldiers an...
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